Direct-connected device

Direct-connected devices are Wi-Fi enabled devices that use the SmartThings as their primary cloud infrastructure. Devices using the MQTT protocol are easily integrated to SmartThings Cloud by using SmartThings Device SDK (STDK). The STDK is equipped to manage all MQTT topics and onboarding requirements, freeing you to focus on actions and attributes of your device.

This article demonstrates how to integrate a direct-connected device with SmartThings.


  • Host PC
  • Toolchain and BSP for MCU board
    • Depends on the chipset to be applied
  • SmartThings IoT Device SDK C Source code
  • A Samsung account, used on Developer Workspace
  • Active enrollment as an organization member in the Developer Workspace
  • GitHub account with a form of SmartThingsPublic

Supported Countries / Regions

  • US
  • EU
  • AP


When developing a new direct-connected device application with SmartThings Device SDK (STDK for short), you will progress through the following steps.

  • Setup Environment
  • Register Device
  • Develop Device Application