For SmartThings-certified devices

Set the catalog publish date.

Once approved, you may set the publish date. You can publish approved devices on the release date of your choice. It will automatically be released through the SmartThings app on your designated date.

  1. In the list, check the status of the device you want to publish. If its status is not Certified, you cannot publish it.
  2. Click the menu to unfold more options, and select Publish in more actions of Certified task. Select Publish
  3. You can set the Catalog publish date (based on UTC) at least three days from today. Select Publish Date
  4. In the Comment field, you can include information about features or other important notices.
  5. Click SAVE.
  6. Your device will be published on your specified release date.

After successfully going through the above steps, the status of your device will change to Published. Your product will then be available in the SmartThings app for end-users to find and use.

If you wish to change the release date, you must cancel publication and request to publish again. Publication can be canceled anytime before the release date.

For SmartThings-compatible devices

Approval is provided in 2 business days. If approved, you will receive an email notifying you when your Connector will be available on the SmartThings app. Once approved, your Connector will be automatically published on your designated date. If your designated date is in the past, it will be released as soon as the review is passed.