How to add members to an organization

If you have created an organization with SmartThings, you can add other users to that organization. Members of a SmartThings organization can test and publish the devices being developed in that organization.

This article describes:

  • How a user can request to join an organization.
  • How the organization owner can approve these requests.

Step 1: User requests to join organization

A user must first create a Samsung account.

Enroll with an existing SmartThings organization by entering the appropriate company MNID on our Enroll page and clicking JOIN ORGANIZATION.

Enroll in a SmartThings organization

Step 2: Organization owner approves request

Once a user has requested to join a company MNID, a request will be sent to the organization owner.

As the organization owner, access My Page in the Developer Portal. Click your profile icon in the site header to find the link.

My Page on SmartThings

Pending requests to join your organization can be viewed on My Page.

SmartThings organization enroll request

Click APPROVE to allow a user to join your organization. Approved members of the organization can be found on the Developers tab.

SmartThings organization members

Step 3: Start using the organization account

Switch from your Private Workspace to the organization account. This way, you can access all devices in the organization from Developer Workspace.

In Workspace, click the pulldown menu that displays the currently active account. Then select your company name from the menu.

SmartThings organization account