Add a device profile

This article explains how to add a device profile on Developer Workspace.

A device profile contains the components, capabilities, and metadata (ID, name, ownership, etc.) that define a SmartThings device.

Create a new device profile

In the Develop menu for your project, click Device Profile and then CREATE A NEW DEVICE PROFILE.

Create a device profile

Set your device profile information

  • Device Profile Name is used in the SmartThings app and should be easily identifiable by the end user.
  • Device Type determines the device's icon and default UI layout in the SmartThings app.
  • Vendor ID is an alphanumeric identifier for your device.

Click NEXT when finished.

Define components and capabilities

  • Click + ADD CAPABILITY to display a list of available SmartThings capabilities. The attributes and commands associated with each capability are also shown.

    • Select a capability from the list to add it to the main component.
    • Repeat this process for each capability used by your device. Click NEXT when finished.
  • Assign a capability to the Dashboard State and Dashboard Action. These selections generate a default UI for the device in the SmartThings app.

Click CREATE DEVICE PROFILE to add this device profile to Developer Workspace.

You can now associate your device profile with a device integration.