Create a hub-connected device

This article explains how to create a hub-connected device on Developer Workspace.

Create a new project

From the project creation page, select Device Integration. Select SmartThings Hub.

Create SmartThings hub-connected device

  • Name your project and click CREATE PROJECT.
    • The Overview page shows your current development tasks: Create a Device Handler and Add Product Info.

Create a Device Handler

Use the SmartThings Groovy IDE to create a Device Handler for your hub-connected device. See the documentation here.

You will select this Device Handler when publishing your hub-connected integration.

Add product info

In the Develop menu, click Add Product Info to register the products that are supported by your Device Handler.

Add SmartThings product info

  • Add a Product Name.
  • Select an appropriate Category for the product.
  • Select the connection Protocol this product uses.
  • Pairing Instructions help the user pair the device with the SmartThings app.
    • You can select existing pairing instructions for the product, or create new pairing instructions.
      • Your pairing instructions should be as generic as possible, so that they can be re-used with other devices belonging to the same family.
      • The pairing instructions should be named in the format <Brand Name> <ZigBee /Z Wave> <Unique Family Name> (e.g. Samsung ZigBee EnergyMaster).
  • Country is a list of the countries in which your published device is visible.
  • Product Number / SKU is used to differentiate models of the same product.

You can now test and publish your hub-connected device.

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