Register an external application

This article explains how to register an external application on Developer Workspace.

Register the application

From the project creation page, select API Access.

Create SmartThings external application

  • Name your application and click CREATE PROJECT.
  • In the Develop menu, click Register An Application to register your application. The Hosting tab will open.
  • Enter a Client Name to be shown on the permissions page during authentication.
  • Enter an Application Name that is globally unique.
  • Enter an Application Display Name to be shown in the SmartThings app.
  • Enter an Application Description to be shown in the SmartThings app.
  • Enter the Redirection URIs to be used in the authentication flow.
  • Click Next to open the App Scope tab.
  • Select the OAuth2 scopes required for the application.
  • Click SAVE.

After saving the above information, you can return to the Register An Application page to access the client ID and client secret for this application.

External application info

You can now develop your OAuth integration.

Next steps