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Why SmartThings?

An open, programmatic interface for controlling smart devices

The SmartThings platform has the largest coverage of competitive IoT devices on the market, including Samsung devices and appliances. It's easy to integrate existing products with our ecosystem, using developer features such as SmartThings Schema and open APIs.

Access and control devices from the SmartThings app, available on all platforms and installed on more than 200 million Samsung mobile devices and TVs. SmartThings devices can access a unified set of capabilities, an instant mobile UI and Bixby voice control, and intelligent Automations.

Build Devices & Automations

Integrate new or existing devices with SmartThings Cloud. Then create smart interactions with Automations.

Build Devices and Automations

Integrate a Device

Connect new and existing devices to SmartThings in a handful of steps.

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Create an Automation

Set up device interactions that work with the SmartThings app or Bixby.

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