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Certification Program

The Works with SmartThings (WWST) certification program enables you to provide an optimal experience to your IoT customers. Devices and services enrolled in the program will undergo professional and efficient testing.

With certification, you can immediately deliver a world-class automation experience to your audience. Your IoT product can be connected to the SmartThings Hub or directly to SmartThings Cloud; or if you already have your own IoT cloud, you can connect the cloud to SmartThings Cloud using SmartThings connector.

Before you can deploy your IoT products, you must request certification for them. You need to be a WWST partner to do so. See Certification Flow.

The Value of the Works with SmartThings

The Works with SmartThings certification program offers:

  • Reliability testing for cloud connections with different types of IoT products.
  • Worldwide certification center with experts.
  • On-line site that manages certification application, progress status, and a catalog of certified products.

Benefits of the certification program are:

  • Save valuable development resources by using a proven professional test solution.
  • Reduce market risk by detecting and resolving issues in the IoT cloud early on.
  • Your products and services can use the Works with SmartThings certificate, logo, and badge icon.

Certification Flow

Certification flow

To join our certification program, you must be enrolled as an organization member.

Follow these steps to enroll as an organization member:

  1. Check if your company is enrolled. If your company is registered as our partner, your company will have received a unique manufacture ID (MNID). Otherwise, click this link to ENROLL NOW.
  2. Go here and enter the MNID of your company. If you don’t know the MNID of your company, please check with your company’s administrator.
  3. After your company’s administrator approves your request, you will receive an individual MNID in addition to the MNID for your company.

Using your company’s MNID, you can create device plugins or automations in the Developer Workspace. The Developer Workspace provides easy-to-use tools for integrating your IoT devices and services into SmartThings Cloud. And you should fully test your products. It is your responsibility to test them to ensure high quality and performance with respect to its normal operation, durability, reliability, and so on.

  • Visit the Developer Workspace to see your products and also all of the products your company’s developers have built or are currently building.
  • To see and add your self-published devices and also all self-published devices your company’s developers have created, see here.
  • To install your self-published automation apps and also all self-published automation apps your company’s developers have created, see here.

To deploy your products, you must request the certification for them.

Follow the below steps to request certification:


The certification program will be available soon.

  1. Go to the Developer Workspace.
  2. Request certification for your product. Our certification team will review the product. If your device is directly connected with SmartThings Cloud, you will also need a security assessment through our security team. More information on the security assessment, see here.
  3. After the certification review is successfully completed, you can distribute your works to end-users for commercial purposes.


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