Weather light

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This example will guide you through the steps to create your first Automation using WebHook endpoint. This Automation will set the color of a light based on the weather in a given zip code area. For more information on creating an Automation, see here.

This SmartApp using WebHook demonstrates the use of the new SmartThings API for Automations, and showcases the following:

  • SmartApp installation and configuration flow.
  • HTTP Signature verification to ensure that the incoming requests are from SmartThings.
  • Integrating with a third-party API (Weather API, in this case).
  • Actuating the devices using the SmartThings API.
  • Creating schedules and handling scheduled executions.


The concept of a SmartThings-connected color bulb that changes its color based upon weather or other environmental data is not new or original to this example. The SmartThings Community has created several similar solutions, including: