Device handler type

Every device must be associated with a device handler type. This indicates the capabilities available on the device.

In development, you may either:

  • Use one of the available device handler types. This can speed up development and will not require creating a device profile.


    "headers": { ... },
    "devices": [
            "externalDeviceId": "...",
            "friendlyName": "...",
            "manufacturerInfo": { ... }
            "deviceHandlerType": "c2c-switch-power"
        },    ]

This page serves as a reference for the supported device handler types and their associated capabilities.


Name Capabilities
c2c-arrival Presence Sensor, Battery
c2c-arrival-2 Presence Sensor, Battery, Tone
c2c-arrival-3 Presence Sensor
c2c-button Button
c2c-button-2 Button, Battery
c2c-carbon-monoxide Carbon Monoxide Detector
c2c-carbon-monoxide-3 Carbon Monoxide Detector, Battery
c2c-color-temperature-bulb Switch, Switch Level, Color Temperature
c2c-contact-2 Contact Sensor, Battery, Temperature Measurement, Acceleration Sensor
c2c-contact-3 Contact Sensor, Battery
c2c-dimmer Switch, Switch Level
c2c-dimmer-2 Switch, Switch Level, Battery
c2c-dimmer-3 Switch, Switch Level, Battery, Temperature Measurement
c2c-dimmer-energy Switch, Switch Level, Energy Meter
c2c-dimmer-power Switch, Switch Level, Power Meter
c2c-dimmer-power-energy Switch, Switch Level, Power Meter, Energy Meter
c2c-doorbell Button, Motion Sensor, Battery
c2c-doorbell-3 Button, Motion Sensor
c2c-humidity Relative Humidity Measurement, Battery, Temperature Measurement
c2c-humidity-2 Relative Humidity Measurement, Battery
c2c-leak Water Sensor, Battery, Temperature Measurement
c2c-leak-2 Water Sensor, Battery
c2c-lock-2 Lock, Battery
c2c-lock-3 Lock, Battery, Temperature Measurement
c2c-motion Motion Sensor, Battery, Temperature Measurement
c2c-motion-2 Motion Sensor, Battery
c2c-motion-4 Motion Sensor, Battery, Temperature Measurement, Acceleration Sensor, Illuminance Measurement
c2c-siren Alarm, Switch
c2c-siren-2 Alarm
c2c-siren-3 Alarm, Switch, Battery
c2c-smoke Smoke Detector, Battery
c2c-smoke-2 Smoke Detector
c2c-smoke-co Carbon Monoxide Detector, Smoke Detector, Battery
c2c-smoke-co-2 Carbon Monoxide Detector, Smoke Detector
c2c-smoke-co-3 Carbon Monoxide Detector, Smoke Detector, Battery, Power Source, Color Control, Switch, Switch Level, Relative Humidity Measurement, Temperature Measurement
c2c-switch Switch
c2c-switch-energy Switch, Energy Meter
c2c-switch-power Switch, Power Meter
c2c-switch-power-energy Switch, Power Meter, Energy Meter
c2c-valve Valve
c2c-valve-2 Valve, Battery, Power Source
c2c-valve-3 Valve, Switch