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The Big Picture

New to SmartThings? Welcome to our ecosystem:

SmartThings Overview

  • SmartThings Devices can connect directly to the SmartThings cloud, or indirectly through a third-party cloud with SmartThings Connector. Devices can also connect through either a SmartThings hub or Samsung Connect Home hub.
  • The Samsung Connect App centrally manages an extensive catalog of IoT devices and Automations. Through this app, you can configure Automations with SmartApps, or manually control and get status notifications from IoT devices. To add an IoT device or Automation to the SmartThings platform, use the Developer Workspace.
  • The Developer Workspace is a suite of tools that you can use to add IoT devices and Automations to the Samsung Connect catalog. There are easy-to-use graphical IDEs to get started quickly, and also more powerful CLI and JavaScript API tools for full customization.
  • Automations use a RESTful SmartThings API to automatically control and get status notifications from IoT devices. Automations can be a WebHook, or an AWS Lambda integration, developed in the language and hosting of your choice.
  • SmartThings API enables you to integrate, control and monitor a variety of your IoT devices and services into the SmartThings cloud. Using the SmartThings API, you can create Automations such as:

    • A morning app that turns on lights and starts the coffee machine.
    • A romance app that dims the lights and plays soft music.
    • A school night app that turns on the parental controls.
    • A weather app that alerts you if your windows are open when it is raining.


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