Publishing a Device

Ship your device

Once your certification application has entered WAITING FOR DEVICES status, you can proceed with the shipping process. This is to ensure that you are not shipping an unauthorized device.

  1. When the status of your certification changes to WAITING FOR DEVICES, we will send an email to you. This email contains the following information:
    • Consignee information: Currently, we operate certification centers in Poland, India, China, Brazil, USA, and Korea. Our certification manager will designate the certification center where you have to ship your devices.
    • Invoice form: We provide an invoice form based on your designated consignee. Please download and complete it in English.
    • Precautions: Be sure that you have read precautions.
  2. Prepare at least two devices for certification review. If your device needs security review, you have to prepare one more device.
  3. Before packaging the device, prepare a copy of your completed certification application and attach it to the device. (You can print it out in the Certification Complete page or the Result View page.)


A non-commercial invoice must be used when shipping to EU countries; otherwise, you may be required to pay taxes based on the price of the item.

Use professional shipping

Your product must be delivered to the designated certification center by a professional logistics company. In the case of EMS or hand-carry, you will not be compensated for any damage, loss, or delayed delivery.

Professional logistics companies will provide an invoice form. Nevertheless, be sure to read the invoice creation instructions before shipping your device.

Non-commercial invoices

Here is a sample of a non-commercial invoice. You can download an invoice form from the email sent by our certification manager.

Non-commercial invoice