Developer Workspace


An organization administrator can use Developer Workspace to create, update, and request to publish company brands on SmartThings. When publishing a device, organization developers can associate a published brand with the device.

Create a brand

You must be an organization administrator to create a brand.

  1. Navigate to Publish > Brand in Developer Workspace and click + NEW.
  2. Enter your brand information.
    Create brand on SmartThings
    • Brand name will be displayed in the SmartThings catalog with devices that have been associated with this brand.
    • Brand logo image is displayed with the brand name and must be 240x240 pixels.
  3. Click SAVE.


You can make updates to your brand as long as it has not been published. Once a brand is published, updates to the brand must be approved by our team.

Publish a brand

Viewing the details of a newly created brand, you will see that it has the status Not used|Self-test. Since the brand has not been published (Self-test), it is not yet associated with any devices (Not used).

  1. On the Brand page of Developer Workspace, click the three dots next to a brand and select Brand publish.
  2. A request is sent to our team. Once approved, the brand will gain the status Published.

Members of your organization can use your published brands with devices they request to publish. Your organization can have multiple brands, and each brand can be associated with multiple devices and Connectors. All devices and Connectors using a brand will be listed in the detail view for that brand.


A device must have a brand in order to be published on the SmartThings catalog. If the device is cloud-connected, its Cloud Connector must also have a brand.