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Developer Workspace

Use the following tools to add your IoT devices and Automations to our Samsung Connect catalog, to extend your global reach, enhance your customer experience, and optmimize your brand.

Tool Comparison

Not sure which tool is right for you? Here are the features available in each tool.

Object Action API CLI SDK Console
device profile create, list, define, delete X X X
device list, define X X X
device certify X
device list, command, delete, publish X
device manage representation, status X
device subscribe, unsubscribe X
device log get X
easy setup create X
SmartApp certify X
SmartApp create Oauth token X
SmartApp register, list, describe, unregister X X
SmartApp install, list, describe, uninstall X
location list, describe, create, delete X
Oauth token request, refresh, describe X
plugin close X
plugin install X X
plugin data set, get, delete X
plugin log debug X X X
plugin package verify, extract X
plugin state set listeners X
project create, list, build X X X
resource type list, describe X
Samsung Connect launch simulator X X
schedule create, list, describe, delete X
subscriptions create, delete, list, describe X
template list X
UI manifest list, describe, register, delete X


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