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Two Ways to Distribute Devices

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Make your device integration available to SmartThings users by registering a SmartThings-compatible
device or applying for Works with SmartThings certification.

SmartThings Compatible

Register Your SmartThings-compatible Device

Fast-track a device into the SmartThings catalog by self-testing and registering it as SmartThings-compatible.

Register Your SmartThings-compatible Device
Works with SmartThings

Distribute as a SmartThings-certified Device

Works with SmartThings certification offers professional, comprehensive testing for your product.

Distribute as a SmartThings-certified Device

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Works with SmartThings program now has two options for you to consider:

SmartThings-certified: Your product will go through functional certification testing by the SmartThings team to ensure consumers that it works within the SmartThings ecosystem. When you receive certification, your device will be shown as a Works with SmartThings certified device in the SmartThings app. You can also use the "Works with SmartThings" logo on the product package, website, and other marketing materials. Works with SmartThings certification is the more comprehensive option with marketing advantages. Certification can take up to 30 days for approval.

SmartThings-compatible: The fast way to have your product listed in the SmartThings app. You are responsible for following our self-testing guidelines to make sure your product is compatible with SmartThings. You can register for the SmartThings-compatible listing and and your request will be answered within 2 business days.

No. The "Works with SmartThings" certification logo is reserved for devices that have been certified to work well within the SmartThings ecosystem. You will be able to list your product as 'compatible'.

Currently, the SmartThings-compatible option will allow you to submit cloud-connected devices. Support for other types of devices will be coming in the future.

No. Submitting a device for the SmartThings-compatible program is free of charge.

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