The following types of device integrations are supported on the SmartThings ecosystem:

  • Cloud-connected devices communicate to SmartThings Cloud through a third-party cloud and a SmartThings Schema Connector or SmartApp Connector.
    • SmartThings Schema is the quickest integration method and is recommended for clouds that support OAuth 2.0.
    • SmartApp is an option for implementing certain advanced features or customizing your device onboarding UX.
  • Hub-connected devices communicate to SmartThings via a SmartThings-compatible hub and Zigbee or Z-Wave.
  • Direct-connected devices communicate directly through the SmartThings Cloud.

Developer flow

To integrate a device with SmartThings Cloud:

  1. Check out our SDKs and samples.
  2. Build your device integration.
  3. Test your device.
  4. Publish your device to make it available on the SmartThings app.

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