Publish a commercial device

Publishing a device makes the device publicly available on the SmartThings platform. Before a direct-connected device can be published, the device must be Works With SmartThings (WWST) certified. Verify that your device meets functional and security requirements before submitting for certification. Information regarding functional and security requirements can be downloaded from the Test and Publish menus in your Direct-connected project in the Developer Workspace.

Publish Request

When you have completed testing and are ready to submit for certification, visit the Developer Workspace and click Request to Publish to obtain your WWST certification.

Commercial Devices

Once your device is WWST-certified, you are able to provision the identity of commercial devices. You can preload your device identity and credentials before the Publish Date, allowing you to coordinate the distribution and availability of your devices.

All direct-connected devices must be registered with SmartThings in order to connect with the platform. Provision device identities in the Developer Workspace using the upload features under Commercial Devices. You can upload your device identities individually or in bulk via a CSV file. Up to 100,000 devices can be processed in a single bulk upload request.

Use the following CSV format for device registration uploads:


If you need to make bulk changes to devices already registered, use the following CSV format: