An organization administrator can use Developer Workspace to create and edit brands to associate with SmartThings devices and Cloud Connectors.

Create a brand

You must be an organization administrator to create a brand.

  1. In Developer Workspace, click the pulldown menu that displays the currently active account.
  2. Under your company name, click Manage Brands. Manage brands on SmartThings
  3. You will see your organization's brands. Click + ADD ANOTHER BRAND.
  4. Enter your brand information.
    Create brand on SmartThings
    • Brand Name is displayed in the SmartThings catalog with devices that have been associated with this brand.
    • Logo is displayed with the brand name and must be 240x240 pixels.

The SmartThings team will review your brand and email you with updates.

Use a brand

A submitted brand will have the status Pending Approval until it is approved or rejected by our team.

Once a brand is approved, members of your organization can associate the brand with devices and Connectors in Developer Workspace. You can set the brand of a device when you request to publish that device. The brand's status will change from Approved to In Use.

Add brand on SmartThings

Your organization can have multiple brands, and each brand can be associated with multiple devices and Connectors.