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Create a new directly connected device

A directly connected device communicates directly with SmartThings Cloud.

Directly connected device

This article demonstrates how to use Workspace to create a directly connected light bulb controlled by the SmartThings app.

In this tutorial, you will:

  1. Create a device profile for the light bulb.
  2. Choose the light bulb’s dashboard state and command, which are displayed on the SmartThings app dashboard.
  3. Use the SmartThings app to test your light bulb.


  • A Samsung account and the SmartThings app (currently available for Android).

Step 1. Create a new device profile

A device profile contains the components, capabilities, and metadata (ID, name, ownership, etc.) that define a SmartThings device.

  1. Follow the steps to create a device profile.
    • Enter bulb_profile as the Device profile name.
    • For the Device type, select Light.
    • Inside the main component, click Add capability and select Switch. Device Profile
    • For both Dashboard state and Dashboard command, select Switch as the capability. Device Profile2
  2. Click SAVE.

The Dashboard state and command appear as the following default plugin in the SmartThings app dashboard:

Light Bulb Plugin

Step 2. Integrate a new directly connected device

  1. Follow the steps to create a directly connected device in Developer Workspace.
    • Select bulb_profile (created in Step 1) as the device profile. Select the device profile
    • Enter My Bulb as the Display name.
    • Create New device onboarding device onboarding information used to pair this device with the SmartThings app.
      • Enter a unique three-digit number as the device onboarding ID.
      • Enter bulb as the device onboarding name.
      • Select X.509 (Certificate) as the device identity type.
      • Skip “View detailed information” to use the default images and texts for device onboarding. Set device onboarding information
  2. Click SAVE and then SELF-PUBLISH.

Step 3. Test your device

Test your self-published light bulb as a virtual device in the SmartThings app.

  1. Go to Tools > VIRTUAL DEVICE in Developer Workspace.
  2. Select the bulb-profile device profile you created in Step 1. virtual device1
  3. Click REGISTER to create the virtual device.
  4. Click OPEN VIRTUAL DEVICE LAUNCHER to launch your virtual device.
  5. You can control the virtual device.
  6. To test the device in your SmartThings app, enable Developer Mode in the app.
  7. Add your virtual device to your SmartThings app.
  8. Test your device.


If you want to distribute the devices you create, enroll as an organization member and publish your device.

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