Self-test guidelines

You must verify the following self-test criteria to publish a device.


If you want to publish your device, your device must pass the self-assessment checklist . You can download the self-assessment checklist in the final step of creating your device through Developer Workspace.


  • Device must pair to the SmartThings app properly.
  • Device must be unpaired/deleted from the SmartThings app properly.

Mobile UI/Metadata

  • Paired device is visible and its name/icons are properly displayed on the list of devices on SmartThings app.
  • Device names/icons/capability status must be displayed properly on the device information page in the SmartThings app.


    We recommend that a display name of your Connector be a combination of your company’s brand name and the product’s specific name such as its website or app name. For example, “Samsung SmartHome”, “Samsung SmartCam”.

Main Functionality

  • Device’s functionality is not impacted by any issues/crashes.
  • Device must have implemented clear, error messaging in cases when actions fail.
  • Device’s functionality is compatible with defined use cases description.
  • Device must not have any hidden functionality (not included in documentation/product description).
  • Every device state change (of main capabilities) must be properly displayed on the SmartThings app.
  • Every device state change (of main capabilities) by SmartThings app must cause proper change on the device (physically).
  • Device capabilities that can be used in an Automation, either as a trigger for the Automation or recipient of the trigger, should execute correctly.
  • Device capabilities that can be used in Scenes should execute correctly.
  • Device must have a name that is strongly relevant to the device’s functionality only.
  • Device must not have misleading name, device literature, or promotional materials.
  • Device info card must list a support URL that is real and correctly working.
  • Device must not breach the Terms and Conditions governing the use of SmartThings devices/services.
  • Device must not change and use “Connect with SmartThings” wording in ways that are not compatible with these guidelines.