How to register a Connector

A device can connect with SmartThings using its device cloud. This is called a cloud-connected device, and the integration requires a Cloud Connector. The Connector can be a WebHook endpoint or AWS Lambda function.

When you integrate a cloud-connected device using Developer Workspace, you must also register a corresponding Cloud Connector.

Step 1: Log into Developer Workspace

Log into Developer Workspace. You will need a Samsung account.

Step 2: Set device connection type

You can now select a connection type for your device integration. Select a cloud-connected integration.

Step 3: Choose an integration method

You can choose from the following methods to integrate your cloud-connected device:

  • SmartThings Schema
  • SmartApp

How to choose a cloud-connected integration method outlines the different use cases for SmartThings Schema and SmartApps in cloud-connected integrations.

Step 4: Finish Connector registration

Refer to the Developer Workspace guide for details on the required fields for registering your Connector.

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