Publishing a device

Once you have tested your device, you can publish it on the SmartThings catalog. Customers will then be able to access your device in the SmartThings app.

You can publish a device as SmartThings-certified or SmartThings-compatible.

SmartThings-certified devices

Works with SmartThings (WWST) certification offers professional, comprehensive testing and grants official certification for your product, allowing you to save valuable development resources and reducing market risk by detecting and resolving issues early on. An approved device is certified and published to the SmartThings catalog within 30 business days.

Certification Review

Approved WWST devices are:

  • Tested for reliability with different IoT cloud connections and products.
  • Listed on the SmartThings app as certified to work with SmartThings.
  • Branded with the Works with SmartThings logo and given premium placement in the SmartThings app.

See Request to publish to learn about obtaining certification with SmartThings.

SmartThings-compatible devices

Cloud-connected devices can be registered in our catalog as SmartThings-compatible. Because we do not test these devices, they must pass guided self-tests to be approved.

You request to publish a cloud-connected device by submitting its Connector in Developer Workspace. An approved Connector is published to the SmartThings catalog within 2 business days.

Certification Review

Approved devices are:

  • Listed on the SmartThings app as compatible with SmartThings.
  • Available to developers and end-users in the shortest timespan.

You are responsible for implementing, self-testing, and verifying the functionality and reliability of your device. See Request to publish for details.


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