Request to publish

When submitting devices for publication, check that the below requirements have been met:

  • You are enrolled as an organization member in Developer Workspace.
  • Your device has been deployed to test.
  • Your device has passed the self-assessment checklist (downloadable in the final step of device creation).
  • Your device has been fully tested. It is your responsibility to ensure high quality and performance with respect to your device's normal operation, durability, reliability, etc.

Devices submitted for SmartThings certification must be physically shipped to undergo functional testing and security evaluation, while devices submitted for SmartThings compatibility can be fast-tracked to publication.

Enroll with an organization

You must be enrolled as an organization member to publish your device.

  1. Your company must first enroll with SmartThings to obtain a manufacturer ID (MNID).
  2. Enroll as an organization member with your company's MNID. A request will be sent to your company's administrator.
  3. Once approved, you will receive a company MNID to use in Developer Workspace.
  4. Set your account to use the company MNID in Developer Workspace.
    • In Developer Workspace, click the pulldown menu that displays the currently active account.
    • Select your company name from the menu.

Works with SmartThings program

Certification review

Devices submitted to the WWST program are reviewed at our Certification Center. If approved, they will be published to the SmartThings app along with the Works with SmartThings logo. Certification Review

  1. Request to publish the device for WWST certification in Developer Workspace.

  2. We will review the certification information you have submitted. If not approved, you will be asked to perform more testing before resubmitting your certification request.

  3. When the first review phase is approved, your certification application will go into WAITING FOR DEVICES status. You can then proceed with the shipping process.

  4. Send your device to the Certification Center. Please make sure that the printed product information is attached to the product.

  5. The second review starts when your device arrives at the Certification Center. It will be verified to ensure proper operation in SmartThings Cloud.

  6. You can check whether certification has passed for your device in Developer Workspace. Approval is provided in 30 business days.

  7. Once approved, you may schedule to publish your device.

Devices published via WWST are SmartThings-certified.

Register for SmartThings compatibility

Cloud-connected devices can be published as SmartThings-compatible devices. You must submit the Connector for the cloud-connected device in Developer Workspace.

  1. Self-test your Connector using our publication checklist.
  2. Request to publish the device in Developer Workspace. You must provide brand and support information for your product.
  3. We will review this information for accuracy and compatibility with the SmartThings app.
  4. Approval is provided in 2 business days. If approved, you will receive an email notifying you when your Connector will be available on the SmartThings app.
  5. Once approved, you may publish your device. Your device will be automatically published on your designated date.

Devices published this way are SmartThings-compatible.