Developer Workspace

Publish a directly connected device

Directly connected devices connect directly to SmartThings Cloud. To publish your directly connected devices, you must pass the certification review.

Certification review

Step 1. Request to publish

  1. In Developer Workspace, go to Publish > Directly connected Device > Certified and click + NEW.
  2. Enter basic information about the directly connected device. Directly connected device certification create
    • Select a Device name. After selecting one of your self-published devices, you can view the device information in detail.
    • Select the Country in which you want to deploy your device.
    • Select your Device identity type and enter the required information. SmartThings Cloud can communicate to secure devices only. If your device is not secure, it cannot connect to SmartThings Cloud. Our certification team tests your device by connecting it to SmartThings Cloud. For more information on device identity, see here.
      • If your device uses certificate for security, select Certificate and enter the serial number. You can add up to 5 certificates.
      • If your device uses ED25519, a public key signature system, select Public key (ED25519) and enter their serial numbers, public key, and validation signature. You can add up to 5 public keys.
  3. Fill in the Catalog information fields. This information will be provided to the end users by the application. Directly connected certification catalog
    • English (United States) is set as Supported language. If you want to add other languages, click Add.
    • Select the Category for your device.
    • Enter a Model name, Model numbers, and Display name. Display name and model name are shown with your device in the SmartThings app in this format: {Display name} / {Model name}
      • Model name: A unique product identifier set by the manufacturer. Numbers, letters, and the symbols _ and - are allowed.
      • Model numbers: A unique alphanumeric identifier assigned to each device by the manufacturer. You can list multiple model numbers separated with a comma (e.g., ABC123, DEF456).
      • Display name: A name that identifies this device in the SmartThings app. You can enter a display name for each supported language you have added here.
    • Upload the Product image as a PNG(.png)file and it must be 324x182.
    • Enter the Product launch date, which is the date of the market launch of the device.
    • Check if your device onboarding information is correct. If not, make sure that you modify the information. The images and text you enter will be shown to end users while pairing directly connected devices.
  4. Fill in the Additional information fields. This information will help the Certification Expert to configure the environment to operate your device. Ensure that this information is accurate with clear and comprehensive details to expedite the certification process. Directly connected certification additional
    • Self-test result file - When self-publishing your device, Developer Workspace automatically generates a self-assessment based on capabilities of your device. Download self-assessment checklist, test the checklist and upload the result file as an Excel file (.xlsx).
    • Accessory requirements - The Certification Expert must configure the device environment. To assist in this task, provide details on how to test the device features. If the configuration requires accessories that are not on the market, please include them in your shipment; for example, “WiFi Router supporting 5Ghz, Magnetic tape, E26 socket mount.”
    • Power source - Though the Global Certification Center can accommodate a variety of power supply specifications (for different countries), make sure to notify us explicitly if you need a special power source. If you have an external power supply, enclose it in your shipment, for example, “Power Supply / Input 100-240V AC 1.5A, 50-60Hz / Output 19V DC 4.74A.”
    • Your additional comments - Let us know of any other features, or any precautions, we should take while configuring and testing your device. Accurate, relevant, and detailed information helps to expedite certification. For example: “Don’t use on wet ground. Press power button for 5 seconds to reset the device.”
    • Device manual - This device manual should be written in English and include detailed information to help our certification team set up and test this device.
    • Read the Terms and conditions. We maintain strict confidentiality on the information pertaining to your device, the problems and solutions encountered during the certification process, and the patents and designs. This is effective upon acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  5. Click SAVE.
  6. Please make sure that all information is entered correctly before submitting. Once submitted, it can NOT be changed. If your information is submitted with errors, you must cancel and submit a new one.
  7. Please make sure that you read the important messages and click REQUEST to submit the application to the certification team. You will be able to check the status of your certification process. Directly connected Certification complete

Step2. Ship your device


DO NOT ship your product yet. See below.

Our Certification team will first review the certification information you have submitted. After the first review is completed, your certification application will go into the WAITING FOR DEVICES status. Then you can proceed with the shipping process. This is to ensure that you are not shipping an unauthorized device. Please make sure that the printed product information is attached to the product.

  1. Click Print Now to print a copy of your information you have submitted for certification. Directly connected certification complete
  2. Attach it to your device before packaging and shipping it to the Global Certification Center. See below. Directly connected certification print
  3. Click CLOSE to return to the list view of your requested certifications. You can check the current status of the certification by clicking on it.

Step3. Set the catalog publish date

Once approved, you may select the catalog publish date. It will automatically be released through the SmartThings app on your designated date. For more information on setting the catalog publish date, see here.