Developer Workspace

Developer Workspace provides easy-to-use tools for integrating your IoT devices and Automations with the SmartThings platform.


Integrate devices with SmartThings using a Cloud Connector or SmartThings-compatible hub. Then publish them on the SmartThings catalog to share them with SmartThings users.


Register your Automations and external applications in Workspace to control devices and receive status notifications using the SmartThings API.

Project view

Projects is the default view in Developer Workspace. This view displays all devices and Automations you have created in Workspace.

Click + NEW PROJECT to create a new project. This can be a device integration or Automation.

SmartThings Developer Workspace projects

You can filter your existing projects by Project Type and/or Project Status, or search for a project by name. By default, the list displays your most recently updated projects at the top.

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