Developer Workspace

The Developer Workspace provides the easy-to-use tools for seamlessly integrating your IoT devices and services into SmartThings Cloud.

Build device integrations and Automations

Developer Workspace provides you tools as below:

  • Virtual device represents IoT devices and its resources to test the interaction between the device plugin in SmartThings app and the device itself without needing a physical device.
  • Live logging displays a live capture of events from your installed SmartApps and connected devices.
  • SmartThings SDK allows you to define a plugin for the SmartThings app to monitor and control direct-connected devices. The SmartThings SDK includes CLI, device plugin simulator, and virtual device.
  • CLI (Command Line Interface), which provides additional functions.

Distribute your devices as an enrolled organization

Once you have developed and integrated your IoT device, there are two ways to make your device available to SmartThings users as a SmartThings Connected Device. You can make your device available to SmartThings users as a SmartThings-certified device or a SmartThings-compatible device. Learn more about publishing devices


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