Developer Workspace

Create a device profile

This article explains how to create a device profile on Developer Workspace.

A device profile contains the components, capabilities, and metadata (ID, name, ownership, etc.) that define a SmartThings device.

Go to Developer Workspace

In the Developer Workspace, go to Develop > Devices > Device Profiles. Then click on the + CREATE A NEW DEVICE PROFILE if this is your first device profile. Otherwise, click on + NEW to add another device profile.


You can also create a device profile when integrating a new device.

Set your device profile information

Create a new device profile

  1. Enter Device profile name. Provide an easily identifiable name for your device profile.
  2. Enter a unique VID (Vendor ID). This is an alphanumeric identifier for your device.
  3. Enter a Description for your device.
  4. Enter a Device Type (e.g. “Light”) to help categorize the device profile.

Define components and capabilities

  1. Add Capabilities. Click “Add capability”. A modal screen will pop up with a list of capabilities for you to select from. Read the capabilities reference to see what commands and attributes are associated with each capability. Define components and capabilities
  2. Assign a capability to the Dashboard state and Dashboard command. These selections generate a default UI for the device in the SmartThings app. Learn about developing custom plugins for devices. Add capabilities
  3. If you want to customize your device plugin, you can upload your plugin file (.ppk). Device plugin

  4. Click Save. You can see your device profile in the device profile menu. SmartThings device profiles

    • You may use the “Action” link to edit or delete the device profile. SmartThings device profiles

Next steps

You can now associate your device profile with a device. During device creation, you also have the option to create a new device profile.