Create an Automation

This article explains how to create an Automation on Developer Workspace.

Register the Automation

From the project creation page, select Automation.

Create SmartThings Automation

  • Name your Automation and click CREATE PROJECT.
  • In the Develop menu, click Automation to register your Automation. The Hosting tab will open.
  • Select a hosting type.
    • AWS Lambda requires a Target ARN for the SmartApp.
    • Webhook Endpoint requires a Target URL where the Automation will be hosted.
  • Click Next to open the App Scope tab.
  • Select the OAuth2 scopes required for the device cloud to communicate with SmartThings Cloud.
  • Click Next to open the App Settings tab.
  • Enter an Automation Display Name to be shown in the SmartThings app.
  • Select whether you will allow single or multiple SmartApp Instances.
    • Multiple instances allows users to install this SmartApp more than once, with different configurations in the same location.
    • Single instance allows users to install this SmartApp once, using a single configuration in one location.
  • Add any Custom Parameters used in your SmartApp code.
  • Click SAVE.

After saving the above information, you can return to the Automation page to access the public key, client ID, and client secret for this SmartApp.

SmartApp Connector info

Click DEPLOY TO TEST. You can now test your Automation.

Next steps