Developer Workspace

Integrate a directly connected device

This article explains how to integrate a directly connected device with SmartThings Cloud on Developer Workspace.

Directly connected devices communicate directly with SmartThings Cloud. End users can control these devices with the SmartThings app.


To publish your device after creating it, you must enroll as an organization member and publish your device.

Select the connection type

  1. In the Developer Workspace, go to Develop > Devices > Device Integration. Then click on the + CREATE A NEW DEVICE if this is your first device. Otherwise, click on + NEW to add another device.
  2. Select Directly connected device as the connection type.

Set your device information

Set your device information

These steps involve the following concepts:

  1. Enter Device name. Provide an easily identifiable name for your device.
  2. Select Device profile and click + Add. You can create a new device profile or use an existing one. Learn how to create a new device profile.
  3. Enter Display name. This name represents your device on the SmartThings app.
  4. Select Device onboarding information. You can create new information or use existing information. Learn more about adding device onboarding information.
  5. Click SAVE.

Self-publish and test your device

Self-publishing allows you to test your device with the SmartThings app.

  1. You can download a self-assessment checklist generated by Developer Workspace during this step. Completing this checklist is a requirement for requesting to publish.
  2. Click SELF-PUBLISH to self-publish your device. The device information is sent to SmartThings Cloud.
  3. After you self-publish your device, you can see your device in the list view.

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