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The color of plug-in functions should be a visual language that gives several device plug-ins a unified, harmonious look. We recommend that you use a same color for any element that is commonly used in all plug-ins for Samsung Connect app, so that the user experience is like that of using a single app.

Primary color

The primary color used in plug-ins for Samsung Connect app is the blue #3695dd. We recommend that you use this color as your default accent color.

Primary color Note: Do not combine or use multiple colors other than the primary color specified by Samsung Connect app.

Apply the primary color mainly to UI elements where interactions occur so that the user can intuitively understand your app’s information structure. If you improve the legibility of the UI elements that need to be looked at first or are frequently used by using an accent color, you can shorten the time users spend searching through your6 app to launch a feature.

Background color

If you use an achromatic color in the background, you can design a harmonious screen without interfering with the colors applied to the UI elements that control the operation or deliver information. The default background color used in Samsung Connect app is #f7f7f7 and the background color of the sub area at the bottom is #ffffff. We recommend that you use these colors as the background color of your plug-in.

Background color Background colors for each area: main area = #f7f7f7 / sub area = #ffffff

Text color

For text, use an achromatic color that dramatically differs from the background color in terms of brightness. We recommend that you use #252525 as the default text color in Samsung Connect app.

Text color

You may use an accent color to emphasize text where an interaction occurs. To distinguish between general text and text displayed on buttons, apply the accent color to the buttons. Don’t apply the accent color to body text that only delivers information.

Text color Note: Don’t apply the primary color to body text that only delivers information.

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