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Once you create and publish SmartApps through our Developer Workspace or have your IoT devices certified through the Works with SmartThings program, you can expose them through the Samsung Connect application. Currently, Samsung Connect app is available in Google Playstore and Apple Appstore with millions of users using it.

  • SmartApps : Users can download SmartApps from the catalog in the Automation tab of Samsung Connect app. Once setup, SmartApps provide various functions, typically leveraging IoT devices already connected via your Samsung Connect app.
  • IoT devices : Samsung Connect app provides options to discover and connect IoT devices. Once connected, users can exercise various functions of the devices via what is called plug-in.

This section provides style guides and resources to create a consistent user experience of plug-ins you can develop using our Developer Workspace.

Visual design section provides recommendations of colors & icon usage, typography, and layout rules and Components section defines commonly used controls and images such as buttons, slider, picker, error handling, and easy set up. You will also find the download links for the resource files.

Providing a consistent user experience is important since familiar interface makes users feel comfortable when using multiple IoT devices created by different developers. Following the style guide will guarantee to create a delightful user experience for Samsung Connect app users.